Professional Web Profile

The OnPowerWeb driven professional profile will empower you to build an online profile that will act as a true reflection of your experience and all-round personality. The user-friendly platform gives you the freedom to create an effective web presence within hours. You can maintain and add to your profile as you go along, making it stronger and richer. 

What does the professional get?

  1. A personalized domain name for the profile such as
  2. A personal login based dashboard to add content
  3. Dynamic and simple to use modules where you can put in text, photos, videos and document as supporting documentation:
    • Intro image & content
    • Participation
    • Activity
    • Testimonials
    • Photo Gallery
    • CV Builder
    • Blog
    • Projects
    • Travel
    • Bucket List
    • Awards
    • Certificates
    • Lectures
    • Press
    • Publications
  1. Professional can renew the profile annually.
  2. Professional keeps a record of life achievements in this common hub location.

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