OnPowerWeb Deliverables

  1. An educational institution-specific digital yearbook
  2. A dynamic portal on the above URL with links to all the batch years, faculty, alumni
  3. Listing of all student names and profile pictures within each batch
  4. Link to each student's profile from within these listings
  5. Link to Alumni batches with similar list of student names and links
  6. Student accounts for all students listed, with their own login/passwords
  7. Yearbook application for all students with the following features:
    • Personalized website URL
    • Google Cloud Hosting
    • Social Media Connects
    • 24X7 Email Support from OnPowerWeb team
    • Over 30 Design Templates
    • 52 Color Themes
    • Regular data Backup
    • Custom contact form
    • Personalized domain mapping ability
    • Help center
  8. Student gets a personalized domain name such as student.onpowerweb.com
  9. Student is setup with a personal login based dashboard to add content
  10. Student works with dynamic and simple to use modules such as:
    • Intro image & content
    • Participation
    • Activity
    • Testimonials
    • Photo Gallery
    • CV Builder
    • Blog
    • Projects
    • Travel
    • Bucket List
    • Awards
    • Certificates
  11. Student gets to retain his profile for life if he wishes.
  12. Student keeps a record of all his life achievements in this central hub location.
  13. Student continues to be linked from the institution yearbook under the alumni section.


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