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The OnPowerWeb driven student profile will empower you to build an online personal profile that will act as a true reflection of your all-round personality. The user-friendly platform gives you the freedom to create an effective web presence within hours. You can maintain and add to your profile as you go along, making it stronger and richer.

Benefits to students:

  • Student gets to discover his strengths and project them digitally to share with peers, family, friends and outsiders as and when opportunity arises.
  • Student can consolidate all his projects, documents, participation in a single location which is then accessible globally from any location.
  • Student does not have to scramble for collecting his achievements when a good opportunity comes up; he is always armed and prepared with a good portfolio/profile.
  • The sooner a student starts to work on building a portfolio, the sooner he will have a large repository of impressive projects, pictures, videos etc.
  • A good web profile leads to self-discovery, learning, confidence to try new things, opportunities and the desire to keep growing.
  • Peer review of profiles among students leads to motivation, inspiration and the will to also achieve and try new things.

What does the student get?

  1. A personalized domain name for the profile such as
  2. A personal login based dashboard to add content
  3. Dynamic and simple to use modules where a student can put in text, photos, videos and document as supporting documentation:
    • Intro image & content
    • Activity
    • Projects
    • Participation
    • Certificates
    • Travel
    • Awards
    • Testimonials
    • Bucket List
    • References
    • Photo Gallery
    • Blog
  1. Student gets to retain his profile for life if he wishes.
  2. Student keeps a record of all his life achievements in this common hub location.
  3. Student continues to be linked from the institution yearbook under the alumni section.


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