Benefit To Students

  1. Discover Oneself
    Student gets to discover his strengths and projects them digitally to share with peers, family, friends and outsiders as and when an opportunity arises.

  2. Consolidate your Work
    Student can consolidate all his projects, documents, participation in a single location which is then accessible globally from any location.

  3. No Technical Expertise Required
    OnPowerWeb is a user-friendly application, and our curriculum will help students become tech savvy as well as learn about SEO and SMM.

  4. Increase your chances of selection
    With a personal website you have an edge over others with only a resume.

  5. Retain your website for life!
    Student can build, maintain and retain his website for the rest of his life. Over the years a large repository of content will be built up.

  6. Easily Accessible
    A student can update the website on the go, from anywhere in the world.

  7. Peer Motivation
    Peer review of profiles among students leads to motivation, inspiration and the will to also achieve and try new things.

  8. Digitizing
    OnPowerWeb will digitize all your documents including: Certificates, Academic records and Participation etc.

  9. Build confidence
    A good web profile leads to self-discovery, learning, and confidence to try new things, opportunities and the desire to keep growing.

  10. Let your thoughts be heard
    If you don’t have a place to speak out your thoughts, OnPowerWeb is what you need, through your activity log or the website blog.

  11. Large Repository
    The sooner a student starts to work on building a portfolio, the sooner he will have a large repository of impressive projects, pictures, videos etc.

  12. Preparation in Advance
    Student does not have to scramble for collecting his achievements when a good opportunity comes up; he is always armed and prepared with a good portfolio/profile.


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