Benefit To Educators

  1. An Annual Yearbook
    The digital Institution yearbook links to all its student profiles and is open for sharing with students, teachers and parents.

  2. OnPowerWeb Curriculum
    Our impressive curriculum is weekend based and fun to follow. It is designed in a way that interfaces with the students and leaves no burden on the institution.

  3. No Additional Training Charges
    OnPowerWeb doesn’t charge for any training provided directly to students in order to make them tech savvy.

  4. IT Growth
    OnPowerWeb can be a part of your IT curriculum of the school program.

  5. A Move towards Development
    It’s an initiative towards the strengthening of an Education System through innovation in the technology.

  6. A Scope to Increase Placements
    Institution can share profiles for entries for opportunities such as internships, conferences, exchange programs, evaluation of talent etc.

  7. Discover Talents
    Institution gets an opportunity to discover talent from within its student body.

  8. Certification
    Students will earn OnPowerWeb certification once they build their profile websites. The certification is given at three levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  9. Review and Sharing
    The OnPowerWeb online yearbook for the institution enables the faculty, parents and students to review profiles of all students, present and past (Alumni).

  10. Motivate Students
    Each student is a product of your institution and his/her profile is a matter of pride to showcase and share.

  11. Skills Enhancement
    Institution career counselors can help students’ fine tune and brush up their profiles to make for impressive applications for further studies and job opportunities.

  12. Establishes you as a Pioneer
    OnPowerWeb is a very forward-looking technological initiative and it helps define an institution as a pioneer in student website & portfolio building.


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