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  • Founded in 1986, and originally christened Pugmarks, RedAlkemi came into being in year 2005 as the umbrella brand for all company operations.
  • Over almost 30 years, RedAlkemi has developed & managed teams and skills in Advertising, Brand Management, Print Media, Web Design, Online Publishing, Web Applications, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Promotion, Mobile Applications and Education Solutions.
  • 30 years of rich, hands-on experience has helped evolve RedAlkemi into a versatile organization that prides itself in serious understanding of domain knowledge and then leveraging it to the advantage of what it aspires to achieve.
  • RedAlkemi currently offers services in Web Application Development, Social Media Marketing, Educational Web & ERP solutions & Manufacturing ERP Solutions.
  • RedAlkemi is one of India's first and leading IT companies, setup in 1996.
  • Atul Gupta and Anuja Lath drive RedAlkemi and all its services, products and brands.

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