Setup a Travel Blog with OnPowerWeb

OnPowerWeb has a blog module that enables you to post blogs and all the things that you want to share with the world. The OnPowerWeb blog editor makes it easy to add text, photos & videos in just a few clicks.
The Blog module in your Web Profile can be used as a Travel Journal, all you need to do is – Rename the Blog Module to Travel Diary/Blog and keep adding your experiences there.

Here are some tips to help you write a Travel Blog:

Keep a Track:
Keeping track of your tour is most important while setting up a travel blog. You can use various phone applications or go the classic way by writing everything in a diary. The most important things to track are travel dates, expenses, location, weather, your thoughts, and everything else that is related to your travel experience.

Setup a Travel Blog:
Visit the Admin section of your Web Profile and Go to Blog Module and Rename if you wish to. Secondly, add some categories; you can name the categories with the places you’ve visited like Rome, US, Australia, etc. Once you have added the categories, start writing your experiences.

Every Day should have an entry! Day 1, Day 2 ... This is an easy way of reaching to your audience as it becomes easy to read and also keeps the reader’s interest active. 

Sit down and think back over the day! Think about the places you visited, people you’ve met, the food that you ate, activities that you tried, and the things that you learned.

What made you Smile:
Tell the audience about you and things that you like! This is the beginning of a great travel blog; what mean to you, what did you learn, how things changed you, what surprised you the most?

Once you have completed an introduction, expand. Provide details on everything;
where you stayed, the name of that coffee shop, the restaurant you want to make sure no one goes to… capture the details that you think will be important.

A picture is worth a thousand words! When reading a travel blog, visitors want to take a visual tour of your travel destination; images give guests the liberty to interpret the destination.

Personal Touch:
One of the reasons why travel blogs are so popular is because people love reading about other people‘s experiences.

Connect your Readers:
Share your blog on social media through social feeds and get people know what you are up to!

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