How important are Student portfolio websites today?

A recent article in Forbes magazine states that 56 percent of managers in hiring companies find a candidate’s online portfolio far more impressive as compared to any other personal branding tool. However the percentage of job seekers with online portfolios is minimal in comparison. Over the years the relevance of student portfolio websites has only increased and with the advent of advanced technology, portfolios too have undergone a sea change.


A digital portfolio is what sets you apart in both, an educational institution and a professional setting. Digital portfolios or web folios are very similar to traditional portfolios except that the presentation format is different. In an age where mobiles and computers are used extensively in schools and colleges, it is imperative to have digital portfolios for students.

Listed below are some of the reasons why it is important for students to have online portfolios:

  • Project your true self: A digital student portfolio enables them to project their true selves based on the skills they want to showcase. Initially, a digital portfolio is a starting point for a dialogue with people who share the same interests and contribute to knowledge sharing.

  • Boost to self confidence: One of the most important reasons to have a student portfolio website is the immense boost it gives to a student’s self confidence. They can see their accomplishments in one place and this confidence is what motivates them for future success.

  • Showcase Skills: It allows you to differentiate yourself from the others. With many students taking up similar courses and applying for the same jobs, it is important to showcase your talents which are unique to you. This helps educators and prospective employers to get a clear picture of your abilities. These can also be used as student portfolio assessment examples by educators.
  • Direction for career planning: Assembling a student portfolio website which documents a student’s achievements in one place gives them a focused direction for career planning. They can identify their strengths and weaknesses which will help them with future professional decisions.

  • Collective Record of achievements: Records of personal learning, formal education, achievements, extra-curricular activities, awards, blogs, accomplishments etc are all organized as a collection of evidence which can be used as a tool when seeking a job later.

  • Portable: Another advantage of a student portfolio website is that it is a portable tool which can be used wherever they are in the world.


In the context of an ever changing society where it is critical to be information literate to survive, the student portfolio websites provide an opportunity to collect, organize, interpret and showcase his / her learning and achievements. This also becomes a tool for later career decisions and professional development. Student portfolio websites create a sense of personal ownership and pride over one’s accomplishments and are also a reflection of the continuous personal development that a student undergoes.

Some samples of how students are presenting themselves through their digital portfolios:


About the Author

Author: Anuja Lath

Anuja is the Founder/CEO at OnPowerWeb, a dynamic platform to empower students to build their story on the web by chronologically recording and maintaining their milestone achievements and activities. Anuja presents this concept at schools and educational institutions to help students build a meaningful and positive web presence.

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