Friday Update! - 9 September 2016

Hi there,

I'm going to keep it brief today and tell you about some of the feedback coming our way from users:

"Super easy to use and I love the on/off toggle buttons to activate or deactivate content on my site"

"The new templates are cool and look great"

"There is a sense of rediscovery when writing about oneself"

"It's fun to go back and read stuff I wrote earlier and experience my experiences again"

"Now that I have a profile, I WANT people to know more about me, not just my name and school"

"I had an opportunity come my way recently, and I was so prepared because I had a profile to showcase... I loved it"

We're working really hard on making OnPowerWeb the coolest web profile application out there, and I can see how it is getting better and better.

Users, if you feel like contributing to this awesome application, please help me with two things here:

1. How can we make OnPowerWeb better and more useful to you?

2. What is your OnPowerWeb experience and feedback so far?

Think about it and email me with your suggestions please. Would love to hear from you!

Cherio then!

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