Friday Update! - 26 August 2016


Hope you all have had a good work week and are looking forward to the weekend!

Here are some quick updates from OnPowerWeb this week:

  1. We launched three new templates, namely Dulce, Laura and Elonso. All three have parallax effects and are a must try. The OnPowerWeb website switched to Laura, and I absolutely love the new look!
  2. The web design interface in the dashboard also has a brand new look. With so many templates, the page was beginning to look like a flea market, so we boxed in the designs and added a cute little scrolling function when you hover on the image.
  3. Some users were having trouble uploading images in the events section on the dashboard. That’s been sorted now and you can upload any size pictures and the system will do the resizing magic for you.
  4. On the website as well, the events appear better formatted. Some images were stretching earlier, and this has also been fixed now.

We did some fun promotional collateral this week for some Educational Institutions. Take a look in the Documents section on the website here:

We have 430 OnPowerWeb users as of today, and it really excites me to see what everyone is coming up with. Isn't it just so cool to have your own personal website?

We’re inviting users to send in requests if they want to be featured on our website or social media pages. If you are interested, please send us a request on We’ll need a great picture of yours, a testimonial for OnPowerWeb, and of course a super-duper, killer web profile which you are dead proud of!

Cheers to you and your story on the web!

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