Are resume websites helpful and how can your students build one?

Most students would find it unimaginable to think of a resume as anything but a sheet of paper with some basic achievements. Yet as technology evolves the options at our fingertips are endless. So why should the humble resume take a beating? The biggest advantage of a resume website is its limitless capacity. Gone are the days of constricting yourself to a single page. You can add as much information about yourself as you want and still present it in an organized and fun way.

If you are a student of journalism or business studies or art this personal website becomes your marketing tool. It’s the place you get to brag about your achievements and skills and allow your creative juices to flow so as to present that information in a way that the reader wants to explore more.

Some of the reasons why I encourage students to build their personal resume websites are:

  • It sets you apart from the vast majority of others with conventional resumes and narrows down the competition.
  • A personal resume website gives you the advantage of showcasing your skills and achievements in a creative way and is a great strategy to help you stand out amongst others.
  • It adds an element of seriousness about your networking and shows you’re willing to put in that extra effort to be noticed. Take professional help from a resume website developer to give it that extra edge.
  • Personal websites are like online real estate and give you total control of your presence on the net. You can emphasize the information you want potential educators and employers to see. You can find the link here to see some video cv websites. It allows you to give an instant visual representation of yourself. A personal website acts as your digital portfolio where you flaunt your identity and your online work.
  • It allows students to receive educational feedback, gives portability to their transcripts and opens up opportunities of sharing and learning.

To help students build their personal websites I recommend certain guidelines to keep in mind.

  • The sole purpose of your resume website should be to effectively sell your achievements and credentials, be it for school or university admissions, scholarships or later for employment purposes.
  • Highlight all that you want to showcase, whether internships, extra-curricular activities, projects or interests.
  • Every point on the resume should be specific and supported with factual information. Use the services of a resume website developer if need be. 
  • Keep in mind the objective of building a resume and why you wished to create one.
  • List all details about yourself, share vital information which allows the reader to get an insight into your personality and insure the resume is crisp and creative. 
  • Include all hands on work that you have done or any initiatives that you have taken. Remember that this is a critical component of your resume website. The work that you have done apart from your curriculum is what will differentiate you from the others and reflect on your real potential.
  • Avoid using generic statements. It helps to create a clear picture instead of who you are.
  • Link your writings, photography, workshops or even your other social media profiles with your resume website.

There is no other document as important in a person’s life as the notorious resume. The better and more professional it is, the shorter the distance to your goal.

About the Author

Author: Anuja Lath

Anuja is the Founder/CEO at OnPowerWeb, a dynamic platform to empower students to build their story on the web by chronologically recording and maintaining their milestone achievements and activities. Anuja presents this concept at schools and educational institutions to help students build a meaningful and positive web presence.

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