Friday Update! - 19 August 2016

This week just flew past! I don’t believe its Friday already, but Yipee anyways! In the very near future, I can see us growing the OnPowerWeb team very quickly if we want to keep our heads above water.

This week’s been exciting in a few ways. We’ve had very interesting calls from some prestigious institutions wanting to come on board with the OnPowerWeb App for their students. Makes me happy, I can sense how the word is getting out and spreading among the right people. So, I for one have happily been sending out proposals and meeting important people to tell them about OnPowerWeb.

The dev guys still have their heads under the hood, so nothing much to report from their end this week. Am trying not to disturb them, but can’t help foot-tapping from the sidelines! Will have App related updates for sure next week.

Oh, and BTW, Zero JIRA day is Wednesday, where the entire team tries to kill all bugs reported by our QA team in JIRA, our bug reporting application. We all dream of zero bugs, don’t we?

Have been reviewing some new profiles that got built this week, and one thing that nags me is that while people love the “idea” of a web profile, they don’t necessarily love the idea of sitting down and building it.

So here are 10 crisp pointers to help you along, in case you’re feeling stuck too. Don't try and over-engineer your profile, keep it simple and get started.

  1. Make sure you put in a nice profile picture of yourself, something that is clear and depicts you well.
  2. Put in your name and your motto or slogan. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Don’t add background or header images initially. Keep it simple, use the default design.
  4. Put in your social media links, the icons will start appearing on your site.
  5. Pick a design and color theme that goes with your personality.
  6. Upload good quality pictures on your home page with suitable titles and descriptions.
  7. Write crisp and concise content describing yourself for the home page.
  8. Get your menu structure organized in your head first and then on paper.
  9. Convert this into the menu on your web profile and add sub pages if you want.
  10. Start adding content and photos into your pages. Spell and write correctly.

If you can get this much done to begin with, motivation will start building and suddenly you’ll discover you have a lot to say. The other sections like downloads, photo gallery, testimonials, blog etc. can follow as you go along.

Give it a shot this weekend and share your profile with your family and friends, you’ll be surprised at the valuable inputs and feedback you receive.

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll catch you next Friday with more updates!

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