Student digital portfolios and why they are becoming so important

As of today, I don’t have a single project saved from my school years. No doodles, collages, assignments, drawings, photographs, writing projects or attempts at any other craft type of projects. While my folks probably hung on to my school projects for a few years, I think they got over my brilliance quickly enough and disposed of my so called portfolio over one random spring cleaning session of the house.

While there was nothing incredible about the work that I had created as a student, it may have been nice to today browse thro...

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How you can help your students build a personal website portfolio?

Resumes have, with time, become passé and are no longer the best networking tool in a student’s arsenal. From the moment you hand over your resume to someone it becomes outdated with not much scope for updating, unless you make a new one. A student personal website or a student career portfolio is just the opposite. Every negative of a traditional resume can be fixed at the click of a button. In my opinion not having a personal student website is the equivalent of being unprepared for opportunity in the digital world.


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How important are Student portfolio websites today?

A recent article in Forbes magazine states that 56 percent of managers in hiring companies find a candidate’s online portfolio far more impressive as compared to any other personal branding tool. However the percentage of job seekers with online portfolios is minimal in comparison. Over the years the relevance of student portfolio websites has only increased and with the advent of advanced technology, portfolios too have undergone a sea change.

A digital portfolio is what sets you apart in ...

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10 reasons why students should have personal websites

Social media presence is a high priority among students and most of them don’t realize that their social media activity may be detrimental to their digital foot print. The “Internet is Forever” and each of us is leaving a permanent trail of activity; good or bad. Building a positive digital image via a personal website is the need of the hour.

Here are 10 reasons for students to build a personal website that can work effectively towards building them a positive digital footprint.

It’s a central hub of...

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