Getting a Work Experience before University

These days, 'Work experience' is a word that is heard by everyone. Work experience can involve work you do before you start your career or as part of enhancing your existing career. Whether applying for a job or applying for university admissions; the question is do you have enough of it?There are many reasons why gaining any kind of work experience is beneficial before going to university. Here are just a few of them:Find Out if You Really Fit Into That CareerBefore packing your bags and heading towards a career field, it is important to figur...

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Choosing the Right Career!

Too many choices are not always good, especially when it comes to choosing your career.These days, professionals are seen swapping their job titles and toggling between various companies. The positive part of this trend is that as a young professional, you have a lot of choice. At the same time, all choices are necessarily not good and may lead to a big confusion.Here are a few things to consider while deciding the right path for yourself.Follow your PassionOur Parents, teachers, friends have been suggesting...

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