Friday Update! - 9 September 2016

Hi there,

I'm going to keep it brief today and tell you about some of the feedback coming our way from users:

"Super easy to use and I love the on/off toggle buttons to activate or deactivate content on my site"

"The new templates are cool and look great"

"There is a sense of rediscovery when writing about oneself"

"It's fun to go ...

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Friday Update! - 26 August 2016

Hey!Hope you all have had a good work week and are looking forward to the weekend!Here are some quick updates from OnPowerWeb this week:

We launched three new templates, namely Dulce, Laura and Elonso. All three have parallax effects and are a must try. The OnPowerWeb website switched to Laura, and I absolutely love the new look! The web design interface in the dashboard also has a brand new look. With so many templates, the page was beginning to look like a flea market, so we boxed in the designs and a...

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Friday Update! - 19 August 2016

This week just flew past! I don’t believe its Friday already, but Yipee anyways! In the very near future, I can see us growing the OnPowerWeb team very quickly if we want to keep our heads above water.

This week’s been exciting in a few ways. We’ve had very interesting calls from some prestigious institutions wanting to come on board with the OnPowerWeb App for their students. Makes me happy, I can sense how the word is getting out and spreading among the...

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Friday Update! - 12 August 2016

Guess what's round the corner?

Yup, a nice long weekend for all of us in India, celebrating 70 years of Independence this 15th of August!

There's never a dull moment at work, and by the time Friday shows up, there's lots achieved, lots pending and lots planned. One thing at a time, we'll get through it all. Remind me to tell you about the zero JIRA day next Friday!

Well, we've spent most of this week u...

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