OnPowerWeb Curriculum


Week 1 - Download PDF
Setup your profile details, add contact details & location map and link up to your social media pages.

Week 2 - Download PDF
Pick a website design and color palette. Upload home page images, understand how to put in images, edit them and use them on the dashboard.

Week 3 - Download PDF
Come up with a statement of purpose for your home page introduction.

Week 4 - Download PDF
Start using the Mini Modules for Activity, Hobbies, Achievements and Awards. Add your content and your website will start taking shape.

Week 5 - Download PDF
Identify events you have participated in and learn how to use this module, along with uploading all your Documents & Certificates.

Week 6 - Download PDF
Document your travel module and building up your photo gallery with categories of good quality pictures.

Week 7 - Download PDF
Understand how to use the testimonials module and the Bucket List modules. Learn how to add content to these two areas on your website.

Week 8 - Download PDF
Understand the basics of blogging and start using the blog module to share articles, poems, stories etc. Understand how to share content on Social Media through your website.

Week 9 - Download PDF
Send in your website for review and to be featured and showcased on the OnPowerWeb network.

Conclusion - Download PDF
Apply for certification from OnPowerWeb at various stages of your website's life.

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