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Your OnPowerWeb Yearbook

Enable an OnPowerWeb Yearbook for your educational institution to showcase your students, faculty and alumni on a single platform. Link out to each profile from the yearbook and share and view each other’s achievements, accolades and progress through the journey of life.

Students, Faculty, and Alumni get a chance to keep a tab on each other’s work lives, as well as share their profiles for any opportunity that comes their way. The educational institution uses its OnPowerWeb Yearbook as a central hub to showcase its student’s strengths, talents and accomplishments.


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 Professional Web Profile

The OnPowerWeb driven professional profile will empower you to build an online profile that will act as a true reflection of your experience and all-round personality. The user-friendly platform gives you the freedom to create an effective web presence within hours. You can maintain and add to your profile as you go along, making it stronger and richer. 

What does the...


With more and more Educational Institutions moving towards the development of a personalized pathway for their students, there is an emerging need to empower young students with a tool that allows them to introspect, discover, document and share their holistic & individual brands through a personal website portfolio.

OnPowerWeb enables a website portfolio for each student that can be built and...